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Benepets Benereef Reef Food - 40g Jar

Benepets Benereef Reef Food - 40g Jar

SKU: T1036

Feed without spiking your aquarium organics !

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Finally a coral food you can feed and feed without jacking your organics!

Have you ever overfed your corals?  We certainly have!
What happens? Nitrate and phosphate spike!
And now you're having fun with cyano and algae...

Benepets claim to fame is that you can feed your corals to maximize growth rates and that it will NOT spike your organics!

Perfect for everyone from nanos to coral farmers!



  • Engineered food for the entire reef
  • Contains Probiotics that help fight diseases
  • Accelerates growth, color, vibrancy
  • Increased immune response
  • Perfect balance of Pre & probiotics and natural super foods
  • Easy to feed
  • Increases the micro flora in your tank
  • Bring your entire reef tank to life
  • Promotes amazing feeding response
  • Helps maintain healthy water levels
  • Particle size is 3-3000 Microns which means a wider range of food for all your Reef inhabitants.
  • Will not overload your nutrients
  • Does not cloud your water
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