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AutoAqua Smart Temp Security

AutoAqua Smart Temp Security

SKU: T350

Ensure precise temperature control in your fish tank with the AutoAqua Smart Temp Security. Designed for ease, it features a magnetically-coupled sensor, effortlessly mounting on surfaces up to 1/2 inch thick. With a temperature range of 72℉ to 84℉, this plug-and-play device prevents overheating or overcooling. The AutoAqua Smart Temp Security is tailored for aquariums, shutting off the equipment and sounding an alarm when needed. Enjoy peace of mind and eliminate false alarms with its auto time delay function, providing a reliable solution for temperature management in your aquatic environment.

AutoAqua Smart Temp Security controls an aquarium heater or chiller within a range of 72℉ to 84℉. A magnetically coupled optical sensor mounts to most smooth surfaces up to 1/2 inch thick.

New Model


Temperature Security Made Simple

Smart Temp Security by AutoAqua uses a tiny temperature sensor to prevent an aquarium from overheating or overcooling. The magnetically-coupled sensor makes it easy to install and its plug-and-play design requires no programming.

Secures your aquarium temperature ranging from 72℉ (± 0.5℉) to 84℉ (± 0.5℉). When the temperature is higher or lower than the desired range, it will turn off the heater or the chiller immediately and give an alert. Auto time delay function prevents false alarms due to power outages.


Key Features:

  • Designed specifically for saltwater aquariums
  • Its magnetic sensor makes mounting and adjusting its position effortless
  • It will shut off the equipment and give an audible and visual alarm immediately when the sensor is triggered
  • Plug-and-play design, no annoying programming
  • Avoid false alarms during power outages with the auto time delay function
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