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AutoAqua Smart Level Security

AutoAqua Smart Level Security

SKU: T351

The AutoAqua Smart Level Security ensures aquarium safety by preventing overflow or equipment dry runs. The updated model features a precise optical sensor that triggers an alarm when water levels reach a certain point. With no moving parts, this reliable unit is easy to install on surfaces up to 1/2 inch thick. It can function as a high-level or low-level sensor, and its plug-and-play design, coupled with an auto time delay function, eliminates the need for complex programming in your fish tank

AutoAqua Smart Level Security


Updated Model


A Simple Way to Secure an Aquarium

The Smart Level Security by AutoAqua prevents aquariums from overflowing or equipment from running dry. The included optical sensor detects water levels precisely, and the device will sound the alarm when triggered. No moving parts to service or fail to make this unit incredibly reliable. Magnetically coupled optical sensor mounts up to smooth surfaces 1/2 inch thick.and makes installing and adjusting to the desired level quickly.


Key Features:

    • It can be used as a high-level or low-level sensor
    • It will shut off the equipment and give an audible and visual alarm immediately when the sensor is triggered
    • Plug-and-play design, no annoying programming
    • Avoid false alarms during power outages with the auto time delay function
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