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AutoAqua Smart ATO RO

AutoAqua Smart ATO RO

SKU: T358

The AutoAqua Smart ATO RO is an automated top-off system specifically engineered to refill the RO water reservoir directly from an RO or RODI system. Equipped with two duo sensors for enhanced protection against TDS creep, this system ensures reliable and efficient operation without the need for complex setup or technical expertise. The touch controller provides clear operation status, while the built-in Quick Security Technology (QST) offers real-time failsafe protection against malfunctions. Audible and LED indicator alarms further enhance monitoring capabilities. Compact and space-saving, the dual-optical sensors offer precise detection suitable for tanks of all sizes, with a magnetic mount ensuring easy installation and durability. Additionally, the water-resistant design prevents rust and short circuits, ensuring long-term reliability. The Smart ATO RO includes all necessary components for quick and easy setup, including the controller, RO water solenoid valve, universal power adapter, float valve kit, and 1/4-inch RO tubing, making it a dependable solution for maintaining optimal water levels in your aquarium while safeguarding against potential flooding accidents.

AutoAqua Smart ATO RO


An ATO specially designed to fill the RO water reservoir from RO or RODI system directly. The kit comes with two duo sensors that provide double protection and avoid TDS creep.



The touch controller shows the operation status. Built-in QST (Quick Security Technology) provides real-time failsafe protection against failure. There’s no technical jargon or complex menu system.

It features Audible and LED Indicator alarm show what’s happening in your aquarium.



Dual-optical sensors in one tiny package provide dual protection that is a perfect match for both small and big tanks. Integrated magnetic mount with no moving parts to fail. Accurate detecting can keep your aquarium stable.



Everything is included in the package to set up the system in a moment. High-quality parts provide high reliability.



The new jack design can prevent the connectors from getting rusted or a short circuit due to moisture or water spill from the aquarium. It secures better seal tightness and provides great water resistance.

Save Your DI Resin!


Smart ATO RO is a reliable device to fill your RO or RO/DI water reservoir automatically. When the water level falls down to the low-level sensor, it will fill the reservoir up to the high-level sensor. You can avoid TDS creep in the reservoir and always get clear RO or RO/DI water for your aquariums but never have to worry about forgetting to turn off your RO or RO/DI system causing catastrophic floods.

Smart ATO RO comes with two precise dual sensors along with a float ball switch which provides extreme protection to prevent accidental floods. The magnetic-mount dual sensors allow you to set them in a variety of containers effortlessly and are easily to move to another container.


What's Included:

Smart ATO RO Controller

RO Water Solenoid Valve

Universal Power Adapter

Float Valve Kit

1/4-inch RO Tubing 9.8 ft

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