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AutoAqua - Smart ATO Nano - Automatic Top Off

AutoAqua - Smart ATO Nano - Automatic Top Off

SKU: T346

The Smart ATO Nano Kit from AutoAqua is a cutting-edge automatic top off system tailored for nano and pico aquariums under 50 gallons. It maintains water levels by automatically refilling evaporated water, ensuring stability in osmotic balance, crucial for small tanks sensitive to salt concentration fluctuations. With an intuitive design, it features a dual optical sensor and a strong diaphragm pump, minimizing wire clutter. Enhanced with Quick Security Technology (QST), it guards against malfunctions like overflow or pump dry run, providing real-time alerts for unusual behavior. The kit includes a controller with storage for wires, a durable prefilter for debris removal, a universal power adapter, an anti-siphon valve, and tubing for effortless setup. Its compact, tool-less design allows for easy disassembly and silent operation, making it an ideal choice for maintaining pristine water conditions in nano aquariums.

AutoAqua - Smart ATO Nano - Automatic Top Off


Innovative and Smart ATO for Nano Aquariums

The Smart ATO Nano Kit is a plug-and-play auto top-off system made by Autoaqua. Specifically designed for nano and pico aquariums under 50 gallons, this ATO nano kit will automatically monitor and refill evaporated water in small tanks. It will also help keep a stable osmotic balance for saltwater applications, which is particularly important for small tanks that are sensitive to continuous salt concentration fluctuations. 

The Smart ATO Nano is beautifully crafted to allow simple installation and silent operation. A strong diaphragm pump and a dual optical sensor are combined in one pack, avoiding an unwanted nest of wires.

Integrated With Quick Security Technology (QST)

Smart ATO Nano uses QST for real-time protection against product malfunctions such as overflowing or an empty reservoir resulting in the pump running dry. In addition, the system’s controller will give a visual alert the minute it detects unusual behavior for a device.

Smart ATO Nano Kit Includes:

1.Smart ATO Nano Controller - The controller includes a dual sensor and a diaphragm pump. Device includes storage space for extra, unneeded wires allowing for a clean look.

2. Durable and Reusable Prefilter - Its ingenious and unique design helps filter all the dirt and contaminants from the reservoir. Furthermore, the user-friendly design of the prefilter makes for simple installation and maintenance. Its crystal-clear body allows users to check its cleanness quickly. In addition, the o-ring inside it enables it to work well under high pressure. Another critical feature of this prefilter is that it can be quickly disassembled for easy maintenance.

3. Universal Power Adapter - Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz,  Output: 12V/1A

4. The Anti-Siphon Valve - Used to stop a back siphon and handles forward siphon pressure up to 2 feet (60 cm) of water.

5.  6.5 feet (200cm) Tubing- To be used with diaphragm pump, prefilter, and anti-siphon valve. Tubing I.D.: 5/32 inch (4 mm) O. D.: 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) 


All-in-One & Compact Design

Installing the Smart ATO Nano on an aquarium is straightforward and effortless. Simply hang it on the wall of the tank/sump, connect tubing, and plug in the power supply. The multiple-position installation ‘hang-on back’ design is convenient and flexible for rimmed and rimless reservoirs. In addition, the easy-to-install magnetic dual sensor can be positioned at any desired place. Adjustable holder fitted for 3-10 mm aquarium glass thickness. 


Quick Disassembly Without Any Screws

The tool-less design allows for the device to easily assemble or disassemble in minutes. No screws mean there is no risk of pollution caused by rust in the tank!


Simple Installation

Adjustable sensor cable makes for a tidy installation. Hide the unneeded cable in the storage space located in the body.

There are two holes on the cover for fixing the inlet tubing for more flexible installation.


Silent Diaphragm Pump

The built-in DC diaphragm pump provides silent operation, great efficiency, and a precise fill volume of water, which  is ideal for small aquariums. 


Diaphragm Pump Specifications
Max Suction Head: 6.5ft (200cm)
Max Flow Rate: 7.9gph (30lph)

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