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Aqua UV Union O Ring 2" Black

Aqua UV Union O Ring 2" Black

SKU: T274

Aqua Ultraviolet offers the Aqua UV Union O Ring in a 2" size and black color, designed as a replacement part for Aqua UV units and flow switches. With a legacy of over four decades, Aqua Ultraviolet prioritizes providing not just water sanitization products but also replacement parts to ensure continuous functionality. The variety of options available, including different sizes and colors like the 2" black O Ring, ensures compatibility with various components requiring replacements, facilitating efficient maintenance and upkeep of water treatment systems.

Aqua UV Union O Ring 2" Black


Aqua Ultraviolet has over four decades of building lasting relationships from selling not just products to keep your water clean and sanitized but also replacement parts in the event it needs to be fixed.

Variety of options available of ¾” and 2” unions for units and flow switches. These products comes in different sizes and colors to fit on parts needing replacements.



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