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Aqua UV Classic Quartz Sleeve 57 watts

Aqua UV Classic Quartz Sleeve 57 watts

SKU: T254

Aqua Ultraviolet's 57 watt quartz sleeve for the Classic series serves as a crucial component, housing the UV lamp assembly in UV treatment systems. Its glass construction protects the lamp from water moisture and debris, ensuring optimal system performance. Regular inspection of lamp housing units is recommended to maintain effectiveness. Clear sleeves act as barriers between water and UV lamps, necessitating periodic cleaning or replacement due to impurity buildup. Aqua Ultraviolet offers various replacement options, ensuring continued functionality at an affordable price.

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Aqua UV Classic Quartz Sleeve 57 watts

Aqua Ultraviolet provides replacement UV quartz sleeves that house the actual UV lamp assembly. This is a key component of any UV treatment system as the glass tube keeps the UV lamp free from moisture and debris in the water. The quartz sleeve for UV lamps is meant to be a replacement if your current quartz tube becomes cracked or malfunctions in another way. Ensure your UV sterilizer system is working optimally by regularly checking the lamp housing units. 


UV sterilization treatment requires clear sleeves to be placed around the light to protect it from wetness and moisture, acting as a barrier between the water and the UV lamp. Impurities in the water will often cause deposits to be built up on the outside of these sleeves, meaning you’ll need to clean or change them every few weeks.

These sleeves are one of the most important aspects of a UV water treatment system, and as such, you should ensure your quartz sleeves are always in good condition. Aqua Ultraviolet has a variety of options for quartz sleeve replacement parts at an affordable price.

57 Watt Quartz Sleeve – 19”

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