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Aqua UV Classic Lamp 15 watt

Aqua UV Classic Lamp 15 watt

SKU: T258

Aqua Ultraviolet offers replacement lamps compatible with their UV sterilizers, for its Classic series. These lamps, function by emitting germicidal rays that target algae, bacteria, and protozoa by altering their DNA or RNA. This eradicates single-celled organisms without harming the water. Proper installation ensures water clarity within 3 to 5 days, making Aqua Ultraviolet's UV sterilizers effective solutions for maintaining clean aquatic environments. This Classic Lamp is specifically designed for 15-watt sterilizers.

Aqua UV Classic Lamp for 15 watt sterilizer


Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV light water treatment replacement lamps are compatible with almost all Aqua UV sterilizers. These UV sterilizer replacement lamps are available for both the Advantage and Classic series units. Both the Classic and Advantage Series sterilizers work in a similar way. The ultraviolet lamp is proven to control algae, bacteria, and protozoa by emitting a germicidal ray which alters the DNA or RNA of single-celled organisms, eradicating these organisms without causing any harmful effects to the water. When properly installed, Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV sterilizers will clear water within 3 to 5 days.


Classic Lamp 15 watt


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