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Aqua UV - Classic 40 Watt Unit  3/4" White

Aqua UV - Classic 40 Watt Unit 3/4" White

SKU: T25

The Aqua Ultraviolet Classic 40 Watt Unit in white is a powerful sterilizer suitable for freshwater tanks ranging from 1200 to 2000 gallons and saltwater tanks up to 325 gallons. It boasts a high flow rate of 2900 gallons per hour for freshwater sterilization and 967 gallons per hour for saltwater sterilization, ensuring efficient water treatment. Compact and lightweight, this unit is designed for maximum effectiveness and user-friendliness. Its clear quartz cap allows easy monitoring of the UV lamp, while the EZ twist cap facilitates quick maintenance. Suitable for both experienced and novice users, the Classic series UV sterilizers are versatile and reliable, effectively controlling bacteria and microalgae without altering water chemistry. With its clear-blue cover for safety and easy installation features, the Classic 40 Watt Unit is an ideal choice for ponds, aquariums, and large water features, ensuring clean water within 3 to 5 days and maintaining it thereafter. The package includes the 40-Watt Classic UV Sterilizer, 40-Watt Classic Power Transformer, and 40-Watt UV Lamp, along with two 3/4" Barb Fittings for easy installation.

Aqua UV - Classic 40 Watt Unit  3/4" White


  • Comes factory fit with 3/4" barb. No need of reducers.
  • Fresh Water Sterilizer 1200-2000 gals / Flowrate – 2900 gph for 30,000 µw/cm2
  • Fresh Water Clarifier to 6000 gals
  • Salt Water Sterilizer to 325 gals / Flowrate – 967 gph for 90,000 µw/cm2

Compact and lightweight, the Classic series was designed for maximum effectiveness while still being user-friendly with features like a clear quartz cap so you can know if the UV lamp is on and an EZ twist cap for quick and easy maintenance when necessary.

Classic series sterilizers are great for both experienced and non-experienced users but might be a great place to start for those who don’t know all that much about UV sanitation. Ultraviolet sterilizers have both commercial and residential applications, and they are used in a widevariety of industries to decontaminate water safely and reliably. They work wonders in controlling unwanted bacteria and organisms at low flow ratesbutcan do much more than that. At inflated flow rates, our UV sterilizerscan help maintain free-floating microalgae, which are a common cause of cloudy water,or what we call bacterial bloom.


Our Classic UV 40 Watts Series Units will emit an Ultraviolet-C wavelength that will eradicate the internal structure of any single-celled organism that comes in contact with our equipment. In other words, it kills any germs and bacteria to make the water clean. This decontamination process is done without the use of any chemicals, meaning the water’s chemistry, taste, smell, and pH levels are unaltered.


Aqua Ultraviolet sterilizers include a clear-blue cover that lets you see if the lamp is powered on without having any chance of exposure to the dangerous UV-C rays. To change what kind of germs and bacteria your UV sterilizer will be targeting and eliminating, you will have to vary the flow rate usingthe sterilizer and increaseor decreasethe amount of time the water is inside the body.We recommend using a gate valve or a direct-current pump to control the flow going through the UV sterilizer.


A sterilizer will help preventgreen water and control bacteria. Our Classic UV 40-Watts Series Units canfilter up to 2,000 gallons of fresh water or 325 gallons of saltwater, making it ideal for ponds, aquariums, and any other kind of large water feature. The classic series offersa design that has features designed for quick installation and easy maintenance.


Aqua Ultraviolet Classic UV 40-Watts Series Units will clean your water in 3 to 5 days and ensure it stays that way. Performance is guaranteed when installed, used, and maintained according to our directions.


Whats included:

1x 40-Watt Classic UV Sterilizer

1x 40-Watt Classic Power Transformer

1x 40-Watt UV Lamp

2x 3/4" Barb Fittings

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