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Aqua UV - Classic 25 Watt Unit  3/4" White

Aqua UV - Classic 25 Watt Unit 3/4" White

SKU: T20

The Aqua Ultraviolet - Classic 25 Watt Unit 3/4" in white is a powerful sterilizer designed for aquariums and ponds ranging from 500 to 1200 gallons. With a flow rate of 1200 gallons per hour, it effectively sterilizes freshwater tanks and clarifies water in freshwater tanks up to 4000 gallons. In saltwater, it can sterilize tanks up to 150 gallons. This unit is highly durable and provides maximum performance in controlling algae and bacteria, leaving your water clean and safe for aquatic life. The high-quality components are designed to work together seamlessly, ensuring ease of installation and maintenance. Overall, the Classic 25 Watt UV Unit is a premium choice for maintaining a safe and clean aquatic environment.

Aqua UV - Classic 25 Watt Unit  3/4" White


  • Fresh Water Sterilizer 500-1200 gals / Flowrate – 1200 gph for 30,000 µw/cm2
  • Fresh Water Clarifier to 4000 gals
  • Salt Water Sterilizer to 150 gals / Flowrate – 400 gph for 90,000 µw/cm2


This Classic 25-Watt Series Units sterilizer is designed for maximum performance, capacity, and durability. Our Ultraviolet system is a proven reliable and successful method when controlling algae and dangerous bacteria without leaving any residuals in your water.


The Aqua Ultraviolet utilizes the high-class components designed to work perfectly together, magnifying kill rates and insuring ease of fixture and maintenance. We are able to calculate and bring out our flow rates at 30,000 w/cm, predicated on the end of that 14-mos life so there is no need to modify the water flow.


The Classic 25-watts Series unit is the premium choice for water purification of ponds/aquariums from 500-1200 gallons eradicating bacteria and creating a safer and cleaner environment. Our Aqua Ultraviolet Classic 25 Watts Series Units can also be used as a cleanser to remove free-floating algae for any bodies of water up to 4000 gals with 50% to 75% plant coverage.  Simply put Aqua Ultraviolet Classic 25-Watts Series Units sterilizer and it will clear your water within 3 to 5 days. Sometimes, just overnight, and maintain it that way.

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