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Reef Factory KH keeper Plus

Reef Factory KH keeper Plus

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The Reef Factory KH keeper Plus offers advanced automation for alkalinity testing in your aquarium. With ±0.01 dKH accuracy and daily readings every 1-12 hours, it ensures precise monitoring of your tank's alkalinity levels. The device tracks historical measurements, providing valuable insights into water chemistry trends over time. Smart notifications alert you to alkalinity issues, while built-in LEDs indicate test results at a glance. With concentrated reagents lasting approximately 1,429 tests and compatibility with Reef Factory dosing pumps, maintaining optimal alkalinity levels is convenient and cost-effective. The KH keeper Plus kit includes the device, graduated cylinders, silicone tubing, power supply, resetting magnet, and pH calibration packets for seamless operation.

Reef Factory KH keeper Plus


The Smallest Device in the KH keeper Family

  • Full Automation of Alkalinity Testing
  • ± 0.01 dKH Accuracy
  • Daily Readings Every 1-12 hours
  • Track Historical Alkalinity Measurements


The KH keeper is a smart automated alkalinity testing device that is able to not only test the alkalinity level in your aquarium, but can also notify you of issues. The use of the KH keeper means less manual testing, catching potential problems faster, and greater water chemistry stability for your aquarium inhabitants.


Smart Notifications of Alkalinity Issues

In addition to viewing your alkalinity test results remotely in the app, the KH keeper will also notify you when your alkalinity is outside of your set safe range. If the level drops too low or goes too high between measurements, the KH keeper will retest. If the results are confirmed to be outside of your safe range, you'll receive an instant notification. There are also built-in LEDs, which can help you determine if the results are in the safe range, just by looking at the device (Green = Normal, Red = Outside of Safe Range, Blue = Currently Testing).


Concentrated Reagents

1 Liter of concentrated reagent is enough for about 1,429 tests, on average, making the cost of operating a KH keeper very affordable. The app will also notify the user when the reagent is low and needs to be refilled.

Reagent Mix Ratio: 1L of Reagent / 9 L of RO Water


Use Alongside Reef Factory Dosing Pumps

If your system also has a Reef Factory dosing pump, you can have the KH keeper and dosing pump work together to automatically adjust alkalinity levels in your aquarium for you. Alternatively, you can have the Reef Factory app turn off your dosing pump if your KH level is too high or low, allowing you time to investigate the problem yourself.


What’s Included?

KH keeper

10ml Graduated Cylinder

100ml Graduated Cylinder

Silicone Tubing

Power Supply

Resetting Magnet

pH 4 & 7 Calibration Packets


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