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Enhance your aquarium water quality with SpectraPure's cutting-edge Reverse Osmosis (RO) and de-ionization (DI) filtration systems. Explore the MaxPure MPDI and MPRO-90 GPD RO/DI Systems for pure water production. Ensure efficient flushing with CSPDI 2:1 Manual Flush RO/DI Systems in 150GPD and 300GPD capacities. Opt for Mega MaxCap or MaxCap Manual Flush RO/DI Systems for superior performance. Discover top-notch RO membranes like SpectraSelect Plus with 99% rejection rates. Keep your system in peak condition with MicroTec Sediment and Carbon Block Filter Cartridges. Monitor pressure with the 1.5" Pressure Gauge and use SpectraPure DI Cartridges for reliable deionization. SpectraPure delivers nothing but excellence to your fish tank.

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