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Aquaglobe Pacific Wood Small Each 8 X 2.5

Aquaglobe Pacific Wood Small Each 8 X 2.5

SKU : T1156

Aquaglobe Pacific Wood Small Each 8 X 2.5 is a natural wood piece that offers various benefits for your aquarium:

  • pH Regulation: Helps naturally lower the pH level in your aquarium

  • Minimal Water Discoloration: Enjoy the beauty of your aquarium without worrying about excessive water discoloration. It minimizes the release of tannins, keeping the water clearer and maintaining optimal visibility.

  • Sinkability: While the Pacific Wood Small is designed to sink, it may take 2-3 days to fully submerge in some instances. Once settled, it provides an attractive and natural aesthetic to your aquarium.

  • Picture may differ from actual

Introducing the Aquaglobe Pacific Wood, a small and natural addition to your aquarium measuring 8"X 2.5". This unique wood piece offers a range of benefits for your aquatic environment.


One of its remarkable qualities is its ability to naturally lower the pH levels in your aquarium. This is particularly beneficial for enthusiasts who desire to create an environment suitable for pH-sensitive fish and plants.


Furthermore, the Aquaglobe Pacific Wood causes minimal water discoloration, ensuring that your aquarium maintains its visual clarity and aesthetic appeal.


Although it is worth noting that this wood piece floats initially, it will gradually sink over time. In most cases, it takes approximately 2-3 days for it to fully submerge. Once it has sunk, it becomes an intriguing and natural addition to your aquarium's landscape.


Bring the beauty of Aquaglobe Pacific Wood to your aquarium and experience its pH-lowering properties, minimal water discoloration, and captivating sinking process. Enhance your aquatic world today.


Picture may differ from actual

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