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Neptune Trident 2 Month Reagent Supply Kit

Neptune Trident 2 Month Reagent Supply Kit

SKU : T684

Ensure seamless monitoring of your aquarium's vital parameters with the Neptune Trident 2 Month Reagent Supply Kit. Designed to cover 240 alkalinity tests (reagent changed monthly) and 120 calcium and magnesium tests (reagent changed every 2 months), this kit offers comprehensive support for your testing needs. Included are 2x Reagent A, 1x Reagent B, 1x Reagent C, and 1x Seawater Calibration Sample. With Neptune Systems' recommendation to keep a 12-month supply on hand, this kit ensures you're always prepared for accurate and efficient testing of your aquarium's water quality.

Neptune Trident 2 Month Reagent Supply Kit

Amount of Tests:

Based on the default testing schedule of 4x alkalinity, 2x calcium, and 2x magnesium tests per day, the reagent kit will last approximately 2-months before a new reagent is required.

240x Alkalinity Tests (reagent changed every month)

120x Calcium Tests (reagent changed every 2-month)

120x Magnesium Tests (reagent changed every 2-month)



Note: Neptune Systems recommends keeping on hand no more Trident reagent than you might expect to consume within the next 12 months. 


What's Included?

2x Reagent A

1x Reagent B

1x Reagent C

1x Seawater Calibration Sample

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