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ITC Reefculture PARwise USB Light Meter

ITC Reefculture PARwise USB Light Meter

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The ITC Reefculture PARwise USB Light Meter revolutionizes aquarium lighting management with its smart submersible Quantum (PAR) sensor. Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, PARwise provides accurate measurements crucial for optimal lighting settings, including PAR (PPFD), Kelvin, LUX, spectrum, DLI, peak wavelength, and hue color. Its proprietary optical engine and cosine corrector ensure precise readings, delivering data via USB to a Chrome-based browser on Windows, macOS, or Android devices. PARwise's versatility allows underwater and air measurements, empowering users to fine-tune lighting for perfect growth rates. However, compatibility is limited to non-iOS devices due to browser requirements.

ITC Reefculture PARwise USB Light Meter


Achieve Accurate Light Settings with the PARwise Aquarium Light Meter

Smart Submersible Quantum (PAR) Sensor

PARwise is ITC Reefculture's latest tool which ends the question of what setting the aquarium lights should be on, whether that be brightness, color (spectrum), or photoperiod. PARwise empowers reef keepers to make the right decisions over their lighting settings. Perfect growth rates need three things: The correct wavelengths, the correct light intensity, and both for the right amount of time. Light changes with depth and clarity, too, do the requirements of plants and animals. Unfortunately, the human eye is not particularly good at understanding light levels and colors!PARwise provides a simple-to-use light meter that will give you a deep understanding of your lighting and how to tune it to perfection—designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


What is PARwise?

PARwise is a unique light meter with the ability to measure spectrum. It can be used underwater and has a special mode for us in air. Two light meters in one! It gives you all the relevant lighting measurements required to make informed decisions about your light settings and photoperiod.


What PARwise Measures:

  • PARwise measures ‘PAR’ (PPFD – Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density µMol/m2/S)
  • Kelvin (Color temperature)
  • LUX
  • Spectrum
  • DLI (Daily Light Integral)
  • Peak Wavelength
  • Hue Color


How It Works.

PARwise uses a proprietary, in-house made, and designed optical engine nestled underneath a user-replaceable cosine corrector to evenly ‘read’ the spectral content and quantity of light that hits it. PARwise sends the data over USB to the connected device to display the results. The web-based app automatically downloads to the device (Windows, macOS, Android) the first time it is used. Included in the box is a free USB-C adaptor to fit into Android smartphones, tablets, or computers (if needed). 


Important Note: PARwise requires access to a Chrome-based browser. Therefore iOS devices (iPads or iPhones) are not compatible with this light meter.



How To Use:

Follow the user instructions to get the PARwise device up and running – then place the sensor next to a photosynthetic organism such as a coral or plant, and then take a reading. Use the on-screen 'pause' button to capture the reading in that position and reference the spectrum against a known spectral response curve or another desired light setting.

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