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Fauna Marin Aquahome test Ca + Mg

Fauna Marin Aquahome test Ca + Mg

SKU : T372

The Fauna Marin Aquahome Ca + Mg (Calcium + Magnesium) combi test offers high-resolution titration for accurate determination of calcium and magnesium concentrations in seawater aquariums. With separate readings for each element, it ensures precision with a resolution of approximately 4 mg/l for calcium and 20 mg/l for magnesium. This comprehensive test kit provides reliable results within a measuring range of approximately 300-498 mg/l for calcium and 820-1800 mg/l for magnesium. Each kit contains ample materials for approximately 50 applications, making it an essential tool for maintaining optimal mineral levels in marine aquariums.

Fauna Marin Aquahome test Ca + Mg




With the high resolution titration test Fauna Marin Calcium / Magnesium-Combitest the concentration of both elements can be determined reliably and separately from each other with an accuracy of 4 mg / l Ca or 20 mg / l Mg.

The details:

Measuring range: approx. 300 – 498 mg / l
Measuring range: Mg 820 – 1800 mg / l
Resolution (accuracy): approx. 4 mg / l
Resolution (accuracy): Mg 20 mg / l
for determining the calcium and magnesium concentration in saltwater aquariums
sufficient for approx. 50 applications

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