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BRS Single Junction Lab Grade pH Probe

BRS Single Junction Lab Grade pH Probe

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The BRS Single Junction Lab Grade pH Probe offers high-quality, economical pH monitoring for saltwater aquariums. Made in the USA, this probe features a reliable single junction design, a low-noise cable with conductive copper layer, and a superior BNC connector for increased accuracy. It requires less frequent calibration and comes with a durable polycarbonate shell and a 10 ft cord, making it compatible with all pH monitors and controllers using a BNC connector. Calibration solutions are sold separately.

BRS Single Junction Lab Grade pH Probe


High quality, Economical, American-made pH probe to meet your saltwater aquarium needs.

  • Made in the US under strict quality control
  • BNC connector with superior insulators
  • Cable has low noise design with conductive copper layer between braid and center conductor
  • Less frequent and quicker calibration
  • 10 Ft cord


BRS Lab Grade pH Probe Features:

Single Junction Probe: Single junction probes are used widely for their reliability and economical pricing. In a perfect world we would always recommend double junction probes, but in many cases, single junction probes will last just as long, but they do require being calibrated more often. Our probes work with all types of pH monitors and controllers that use a BNC style connector.


The BNC connector is also made to higher quality specifications with superior insulators between the shell and center pin to reduce noise and increase accuracy. Along with a polycarbonate shell, BRS Single Junction Probes are designed to last!


What's Included?

1x BRS Single Junction pH Probe 


*Calibration solutions sold separately

PINPOINT pH High Precision Calibration Fluid - American Marine Inc

Milwaukee pH Calibration Fluid - Single Use Packet

10.00 pH Calibration Fluid - Neptune Systems

7.00 pH Calibration Fluid - Neptune Systems

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