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Aquatop Venti 1 Gallon (5 Liter) Glass Aquarium Complete Kit

Aquatop Venti 1 Gallon (5 Liter) Glass Aquarium Complete Kit

SKU : T69

The Aquatop Venti Desktop Aquarium Kit offers a convenient and compact solution for small aquatic environments, ideal for Betta fish, shrimp, or other freshwater invertebrates. This all-in-one kit includes a 1 gallon (5 Liter) glass aquarium equipped with integrated filtration, featuring a replaceable cartridge for mechanical and chemical filtration, along with bio foam for biological filtration. The kit also includes an air-driven corner filtration system powered by Aquatop's AP-20 air pump, complete with airline tubing and a check valve for efficient operation. Additionally, the aquarium is illuminated by bright LED lighting, creating an attractive display while supporting the growth of live plants. With its comprehensive features and compact design, the Venti kit is suitable for various small fish and invertebrate species, providing an easy-to-maintain aquatic environment for hobbyists of all levels.

Aquatop Venti 1 Gallon (5 Liter) Glass Aquarium Complete Kit


AQUATOP'S VENTI Desktop Aquarium Kit is the perfect small environment for Betta fish, shrimp, or other small freshwater invertebrates. This all glass 1 gallon kit comes complete with LED Lighting, air driven corner filtration, Aquatop's AP-20 air pump, airline tubing, a check valve, bio foam for biological filtration, and a replaceable cartridge (part# VDA-02-RC) impregnated with activated carbon for mechanical and chemical filtration.




  • All-In-One 1-Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit
  • Integrated Filtration With Easy To Change Cartridge
  • Mechanical, Chemical & Biological Filtration
  • Replaceable Filter Cartridge w/Premium Activated Carbon
  • Air Driven with Breza Air Pump Included
  • Bright LED Lighting Included
  • Great for Shrimp, Guppies, Bettas & Other Small Fish
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