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Milwaukee Digital Salinity Refractometer without case

Milwaukee Digital Salinity Refractometer without case

SKU : T650

The Milwaukee Digital Salinity Refractometer  (MA887) without case provides precise salinity analysis for saltwater aquariums, offering a digital dual-level LCD readout for fast and accurate results. With automatic temperature compensation and simple one-point calibration, it delivers ±2 ppt accuracy within seconds using just 2-3 drops of sample. The stainless steel sample well is easy to clean, and the unit is rated IP65 for dust and water resistance. Additionally, it features a battery percent level indicator and automatic shut-off for convenience. However, it does not include a protective padded hardshell case.

Milwaukee Digital Salinity Refractometer without case (MA887)


Thousands of saltwater aquarium enthusiasts have dialed in the analysis with Milwaukee's salinity refractometer. No more visual readings. Get a digital readout within seconds accurate to ±2 ppt with automatic temperature compensation (ATC).


  • Fast, accurate results with digital dual level LCD readout
  • Easy measurement with just 2-3 drops of sample needed and results less than 2 seconds
  • Automatically temperature compensated
  • Simple one-point calibration using distilled or deionized water
  • Easy to clean, stainless steel sample well with unit rated to IP65 as "dust tight" and protected against water jets
  • Battery percent level indicator with automatic shut-off (batteries included)
  • Does not incude protective padded hardshell case
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