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KZ ZEOvit Coral Booster 250 ml

KZ ZEOvit Coral Booster 250 ml

SKU : T640

The KZ ZEOvit Coral Booster 250 ml is a specialized blend formulated to invigorate corals, promoting enhanced coloration, growth, and immune response. This unique formula addresses elemental deficiencies, resulting in balanced nutrient levels essential for coral health. With its ability to enhance blue and pink coloration, it complements other KZ products like Flatworm Stop for comprehensive coral care. Rich in trace elements, Coral Booster delivers noticeable effects, ensuring vibrant and resilient corals in your aquarium. Elevate your coral care routine with KZ ZEOvit Coral Booster 250ml for thriving and stunning reef displays.

 KZ ZEOvit Coral Booster 250 ml


KZ Coral Booster is a special blend of elements to stimulate all corals for enhanced coloration, growth and immune response.

  • Works to balance elemental deficiencies
  • Enhances blue and pink coloration
  • Complements Flatworm Stop
  • Provide trace elements for noticeable effects
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