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BRS Pharma Sodium Bicarbonate 1 Gallon Mix

BRS Pharma Sodium Bicarbonate 1 Gallon Mix

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BRS Pharma Sodium Bicarbonate 1 Gallon Mix from Bulk Reef Supply is the ideal solution for maintaining alkalinity levels in your reef tank, especially during large changes or daily dosing in high-pH aquariums. Crafted from ultra-pure pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, this sodium bicarbonate ensures pristine water quality and supports faster coral growth and vibrant coloration. Each packet is precisely weighed to produce 1 gallon of alkalinity solution, providing convenience and accuracy in dosing. Paired with other Bulk Reef Supply additives, it creates a comprehensive dosing system that simplifies reef maintenance and promotes optimal coral health. Elevate your reef aquarium care with BRS Pharma Sodium Bicarbonate 1 Gallon Mix and experience the benefits of purity and precision dosing.

    BRS Pharma Sodium Bicarbonate 1 Gallon Mix


    Ideal for large changes in alkalinity levels or daily dosing in aquariums with high pH. 


    Ultra-pure Sodium Bicarbonate for 2-part dosing in your reef tank!

    Bulk Reef Supply 2-part additives are the perfect solution to replenish the intake of calcium and alkalinity coral consumes when it grows. Using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients allows you to keep a cleaner reef with fewer impurities, leading to faster growth and more brilliant coloration of your coral. All BRS additives mix crystal clear and do not leave any nasty residues or brown impurities behind like other calcium and alkalinity additives. 


    Each packet is professionally weighed to make 1 gallon of Sodium Bicarbonate Alkalinity Solution that can be used to accompany any dosing method or used with other Bulk Reef Supply additives for an easy to follow system of dosing. The BRS system uses a balanced calcium to alkalinity ratio that keeps dosing simple and doesn't require you to be a math wizard. 



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