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BRS GFO and Carbon Reactor Deluxe

BRS GFO and Carbon Reactor Deluxe

SKU : T676
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Maximize filtration efficiency with the BRS GFO and Carbon Reactor Deluxe. Engineered for optimal performance with both carbon and GFO media, this sleek and compact reactor features effortless flow control with an easy-to-adjust ball valve and a convenient filter cartridge for simplified maintenance. Designed for space efficiency with a streamlined profile and integrated push-connect fittings, it includes a 10" canister housing, tubing, ball valve, canister wrench, and a 1-year warranty. Ideal for in-sump or wall mount placement, the BRS Deluxe Reactor ensures high-efficiency filtration and easy aquarium maintenance. Note: Reactor media sold separately.

    BRS GFO and Carbon Reactor Deluxe


    Maximize Filtration Efficiency with the BRS Deluxe Reactor

    • Optimized for Carbon and GFO: Engineered to deliver top performance with both Carbon and GFO media.
    • Effortless Flow Control: Includes an easy-to-adjust ball valve for precise water flow management.
    • Convenient Filter Cartridge: Features an easy-to-change design that simplifies maintenance and encourages regular media replacement.
    • Sleek and Compact: Designed with a slim profile that not only saves space but also enhances the look of your setup.


    The BRS Deluxe GFO & Carbon Reactor is your solution for an easy-to-use, high-efficiency reactor, designed to make aquarium maintenance as effortless as possible. With easy access and clear instructions, changing media is straightforward, encouraging timely maintenance that keeps your tank running smoothly.

    BRS GFO & Carbon Reactors use 1/2" Push Connect fittings and 1/2" Mur-Lok Polyethylene Tubing


    Why Choose the Deluxe Model over the Standard Version?

    • Slim Profile: Designed for optimal space efficiency, this model boasts a streamlined form with an elegant black finish that enhances its visual appeal.
    • Integrated Push-Connect Fittings: Integrated push-connect fittings remove potential leak points and contribute to the reactor's slim profile.
    • Pressure Release Valve: Features a built-in pressure release to safely expel trapped air with minimal effort.


    What's Included?

    Deluxe Package:

    BRS Deluxe Media Reactor (10" Canister Housing)

    1/2" Push-Connect Union

    6ft (2x 3ft sections) 1/2" tubing

    1/2" QC Ball Valve

    Canister Wrench

    10" Refillable Media Cartridge

    1 Year BRS Warranty


    Additional Information

    Reactor Placement In Sump, Wall Mount
    Media Capacity 3 Cups / 710mL

    1 Year

    Note: Reactor media is sold separately. 


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