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Reef Endurance ROX 0.8 Carbon 1/2 gallon

Reef Endurance ROX 0.8 Carbon 1/2 gallon

SKU: T539

Premium Activated Carbon

This item is Backordered and will be available to ship within 2 Business week

Our Premium Activated Carbon

Reef Endurance now offers ROX 0.8 Pharmaceutical Grade Activated Carbon, the finest activated carbon available. These tiny dense extruded pellets produce superior absorption for quicker pristine water clarity with fewer media. Quickly remove yellowing pigments, medications, contaminants, toxins, and other irritants from your aquarium's water. 


ROX Features

  • Best performing carbon
  • Wide range of pore sizes
  • Use less media as compared to most standard carbons
  • Ultra-low dust content
  • Requires very little rinsing



1Tbsp per 10 US gal

Rinse thoroughly before use. Place carbon in a canister filter, media reactor, or fine mesh bag placed in a moderate flow area of the sump. 



Replace with fresh media every two weeks or as needed.

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