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Reef Endurance Bulk Sodium Bicarbonate 35 lbs bucket

Reef Endurance Bulk Sodium Bicarbonate 35 lbs bucket

PriceFrom C$202.49

Reef Endurance introduces a 35 lbs bucket of Bulk Sodium Bicarbonate, a pharmaceutical-grade aquarium supplement designed for higher pH systems. This sodium bicarbonate formulation ensures crystal-clear mixing without unwanted impurities. Maintaining alkalinity within the optimal range of 8.0-12.0dKH promotes proper growth of corals and reef-building invertebrates. Ideal for aquariums with naturally high pH levels, sodium bicarbonate slightly lowers pH unlike soda ash. Utilize in conjunction with Reef Endurance Calcium Carbonate for a comprehensive two-part solution. Packaged in a resealable bucket for freshness, this supplement facilitates easy replenishment and maintenance of alkalinity levels in reef aquariums, ensuring clarity and minimal residue.

Reef Endurance Bulk Sodium Bicarbonate 35 lbs bucket


Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Bicarbonate Aquarium Supplement for Higher pH Systems

Reef Endurance Sodium Bicarbonate is a pharmaceutical-based reef supplement that mixes crystal clear with no unwanted impurities. In reef aquaria, maintaining alkalinity within a range of 8.0-12.0dKH will enable corals and other reef-building invertebrates to grow properly. Sodium Bicarbonate is excellent for aquariums that have a naturally high pH. Unlike soda ash, sodium bicarbonate will have a slight lowering effect on your aquarium's pH. For best results, use in conjunction with Reef Endurance Calcium Carbonate as a two-part solution. 

  • Replenish and maintain alkalinity levels in a reef aquarium with naturally high pH
  • Resealable Packaging
  • Mixes Clear
  • No Residue
  • Easy 2-Part Dosing
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