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Aquavitro Fuel 350 ml Bottle

Aquavitro Fuel 350 ml Bottle

SKU: T884

Aquavitro Fuel 350 ml Bottle is a specialized supplement designed to meet the diverse nutritional needs of corals. Formulated with a blend of carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and trace elements, it provides essential nutrients crucial for coral health and growth. With ascorbic acid in a chlorella base, it eliminates the need for additional trace element supplements, offering a convenient and comprehensive solution for reef aquarium enthusiasts.

Aquavitro Fuel 350 ml Bottle


fuel™ is a comprehensive carbohydrate, vitamin, amino acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid, and trace element supplement developed to address nutritional requirements commonly associated with corals.

  • Ascorbic acid in a base of chlorella
  • Makes a trace element supplement unnecessary

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