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Aqua Illumination Hydra 32 HD LED Module - Black Body

Aqua Illumination Hydra 32 HD LED Module - Black Body

SKU: T783

Introducing the Aqua Illumination Hydra 32 HD LED Module in a sleek Black Body design—more LEDs, more power, more color. With over 20% more LEDs, this flagship light enhances vibrance, bringing deeper blues and brighter whites to make your corals stand out. Meticulously designed with over a decade of expertise, the Hydra 32 HD is part of the world's most popular reef LEDs, offering smart control through the myAI® app. Experience more LEDs, more color, more power, and a refined design. Elevate your aquarium with Aqua Illumination's Hydra 32 HD—the pinnacle of lighting innovation.

The All-New Aqua Illumination Hydra® 32HD is here with more of what you love.

More LEDs. More Power. More Color. More Refined.

With over 20% more LEDs, our flagship lights just got brighter. Vibrance is improved with deeper blues and brighter whites. Your corals will pop like never before.

With over a decade of design experience, every detail has been meticulously attended to. We’re sure that you’ll love the result as much as we do.

The World’s Most Popular Reef LEDs

The newest members of the Hydra line from AquaIllumination®, the Hydra 32 & 64 HD bring more power and color where you want it, plus the freedom to use your smartphone as a controller.

Smart Reef LED

More. That’s what you’ll get with the latest Hydra HD series lights which includes the Hydra® 32HD and Hydra® 64HD. More LEDs, more color, more power, and a more refined design.

Incorporating the features you’ve come to love such as Hyperdrive, smart control with the myAI® app and a proven track record of success.  

Now with dedicated moonlight. You can simulate moonlight for a warm glow or to aid in coral spawning. 

myAI provides the following features

1. Dashboard - Each tank has a dashboard with easy-to-access quick keys for turning your lights on/off or changing the mode

2. Schedule - Our intuitive schedule mode is so easy program you'll have plenty of time for more important taks, like enjoying your corals.

3. Schedule Mode: Easy Setup - Want an even easier way to program your lights? We've got your covered. Our Easy Setup wizard is a breeze

4. Manual Mode : Kelvin - Set your lights to the exact color temperature your corals need with our handy Kelvin wheel

5. Acclimation - Installing new equipment can be stressful for your livestock. Acclimaton mode provides the gentle translation they need to adapt and thrive.

Proven Spectrum

Generations of successful coral growth. At the core of the new Hydra series is a trusted color mix designed around the needs of the reef hobbyist.

Proven Power

Plenty of growing power along with HD functionality makes the Hydra series a lighting powerhouse. With HD, when you turn down the intensity of one color, you can use that available power other color channels.

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