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Tropica CO2 Diffuser

Tropica CO2 Diffuser

SKU : T378

Enhance your aquarium's CO2 distribution with the Tropica CO2 Diffuser. This compact and stylish diffuser, equipped with suction cups, efficiently disperses a fine mist of bubbles into your tank. The ceramic membrane ensures optimal CO2 utilization, allowing you to easily monitor and adjust CO2 levels by observing bubble count. Crafted from acrylic, this diffuser is durable and suitable for both small and large aquariums. For optimal performance, soak the diffuser in water 24 hours prior to use. Elevate your aquatic environment with the Tropica CO2 Diffuser.

Tropica CO2 Diffuser

A small and elegant diffuser for aquariums with suction cups


How to use the product

The CO2 Diffuser is a small and elegant diffuser that creates a fine mist of bubbles.

The fine mist is essential to ensure a good use of the CO2 gas in the water.

The number of CO2 bubbles per minute can be observed and counted in the chamber under the ceramic disc, making it easy to assess how much CO2 is currently being added to the aquarium.

The CO2 Diffuser is made of acrylic and a special ceramic membrane.

We recommend soaking the CO2 Diffuser in water 24 hours before use to ensure fine mist formation from the start. CO2 Diffuser is delivered with suction cups.

The CO2 Diffuser can be used for both smaller and larger aquariums.



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