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Reef Factory Level Sensor

Reef Factory Level Sensor

SKU : T393
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The Reef Factory Level Sensor offers smart liquid level monitoring for various applications such as sump water level monitoring, dosing container alerts, and auto top-off reservoir notifications. It utilizes a float switch to detect water level changes and sends instant notifications via the Reef Factory App. With its compact design, it can be easily integrated into different setups. The package includes the Level Sensor, power supply, resetting magnet, and instructions for convenient installation and operation.

Reef Factory Level Sensor


Smart Liquid Level Monitoring

  • Instant App Notifications of Water Level Issues
  • Protects Against Overflows & Salinity Changes
  • Can Be Used in a Sump, Dosing Container, or ATO Reservoir


The Reef Factory Level sensor is a compact and smart solution that utilizes a float switch to notify you of changes in water level via Reef Factory App. The Level sensor can be useful in many cases, including:

Sump Water Level Monitoring: Receive a notification if your sump water level is too high or too low.

Dosing Container: Get alerted when your dosing solution is running low and needs replenishing.

Auto Top Off Reservoir: Receive a notification when your ATO reservoir is about to run dry so you can refill it.


Note: Do not submerge the upper part of the device in water, where the electronic control system is located.



What’s Included?

Level sensor

Power Supply

Resetting Magnet


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