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PNW Slimline Magnetic Frag Rack Large Orange

PNW Slimline Magnetic Frag Rack Large Orange

SKU : T449

Introducing the PNW Custom Slimline Large Frag Rack in vibrant orange, a standout addition to your aquarium setup. Designed with a sleek and slim profile, this frag rack can accommodate up to 13 frags while minimizing shading below. The frag plug lockers included with the rack securely hold your frag plugs in place, ensuring your corals remain stable and protected from disruptions caused by fish or cleanup crew activity. Additionally, the lockers allow for easy relocation of the rack without risking damage to your frags. Equipped with standard magnets capable of supporting aquariums up to 1/2 inch thick, this frag rack offers both durability and versatility. For added safety, all magnets are epoxy coated and fully encased in clear acrylic, allowing for convenient inspection, removal, and potential upgrades in magnet strength in the future.

PNW Slimline Magnetic Frag Rack Large Orange


The PNW Custom Slimline Large Frag Rack is one of our most iconic products to date. With a sleek and slim design, it can hold up to 13 frags and barely shade anything below it!


The included frag plug lockers hold your frag plugs tightly and ensure no pesky fish or clean-up crew can knock your corals over and cause damage to them. While holding the plugs tight is their main focus, it also allows you to easily move the rack without having to worry about your frags falling on the way.


Available in Orange color with standard magnets that can hold up to 1/2in thick.


All magnets are epoxy coated, and then fully encased in clear acrylic for your safety. You can easily inspect, remove, and upgrade your magnet strength at any point in the future.

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