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Carpet Filter Sock 4 x 10in

Carpet Filter Sock 4 x 10in

SKU : T1174
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Aquarium Carpet Filter Socks 10 In Long 4 In Plastic Ring for Extra Fine Filter. Polyester Blend.

Filter socks are used as an effective first stage of an aquarium's filtration process. They should be placed so that water coming from the tank filters into the filter sock first, removing uneaten food, detritus, organic waste, dust, and other small particulates from the aquarium water. This dramatically improves water quality and reduce maintenance on pumps, reduced sump cleaning, and less impact on the biological filtration by removing the excessive waste that would otherwise break down in the system. The routine use and rotation of filter socks will reduce ammonia and nitrate-producing organic waste from accumulating.

Aquarium Filter Socks  10 In Long 4 In Plastic Ring for Extra Fine Filter

Filter socks are the best form of mechanical filtration.
This is an essential part for wet/dry filter systems, sumps, and DIY filters.
Removes excess , detritus, organic wastes, and other particulates to lower ammonia levels and other undesirable substances.
Used as mechanical filtration for any sumps and DIY filters.
Size: About 4in Ring.

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