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Aqua UV Advantage 2000+ Quartz Sleeve 15 watt

Aqua UV Advantage 2000+ Quartz Sleeve 15 watt

SKU : T249

The Aqua UV Advantage 2000+ Quartz Sleeve, designed for 15-watt units, ensures your UV treatment system operates effectively by housing the UV lamp assembly. This quartz sleeve is crucial for maintaining the lamp's integrity, shielding it from moisture and debris in the water. If your current quartz tube becomes damaged or faulty, replacing it is essential to uphold the efficiency of your UV sterilizer. Aqua Ultraviolet provides dependable replacement parts, including quartz sleeves with built-in rubber seals, tailored to match your Advantage Series UV unit. Keep your aquarium water clean, clear, and your aquatic inhabitants healthy with Aqua Ultraviolet's quality replacement components.

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Aqua UV Advantage 2000+Quartz Sleeve 15 watt with rubber sleeve


Aqua Ultraviolet provides replacement UV quartz sleeves that house the actual UV lamp assembly. This is a key component of any UV treatment system as the glass tube keeps the UV lamp free from moisture and debris in the water. The quartz sleeve for UV lamps is meant to be a replacement if your current quartz tube becomes cracked or malfunctions in another way. Ensure your UV sterilizer system is working optimally by regularly checking the lamp housing units. 

Aqua Ultraviolet ensures that for your home aquariums you have a dependable UV sterilizer available to keep your water clean and clear and your aquatics healthy and happy. For the entry level Advantage Series UV unit we have any needed replacement parts to keep your system up and running. Pick the Advantage quartz sleeves that match your unit for a replacement part with built-in rubber seal.

Advantage 2000+ Quartz Sleeve 15 watt – 11-1/2”

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